April 3, 2019 UPDATE

We are so excited to share with you some of the things we are working on for the Christmas Traditions Market!

New layout!! both in Conference Room and the Rotary Room

Highly decorated to create a Christmas Traditions atmosphere and ambiance in both the Conference Room and The Rotary Room. Think ambient lighting, twinkling crystals and snowflakes!  We want the entire building to be beautiful & inviting for all vendors and customers.  We are hiring All in One Party Shop for all our decorating!

Foodie Market located in the Evergreen Lounge.  For those of you familiar with the Florence Filberg Centre this is the room where the kitchen/concession stand is.  The Evergreen Lounge connects from the lower entrance to the Rotary and then back out to the entrance where customers can then take the stairs or elevator up to the Conference Room therefore, creating a much better flow to all exhibits.  

We will be having a story published about us as the organizers of the Christmas Traditions Market in the Comox Valley Record.  

We are working on getting good prices for accommodation at local hotels for out of town vendors.

We will keep you posted as we go!